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M.U Humans: Lilah Knight by lolgrace14
M.U Humans: Lilah Knight

Occupation: College freshman

Background: Lil is the twin sister of Amanda Knight. She is the Night Demons cook. She might be clumsy but she all toughfy 

As Xibalba yelps in pain when his wife La Muerte almost crushed his boney hand."I HATE YOU SO MUCH!" she yelled. Knowing it was just the pain talking Xibalba trying to calm her down. "Your doing good mi lady just give me one more push." said the mid wife. La Muerte gave it her all and started to push and scream as hard as she can and finally hearing her new born cry."Good graduations mi lady! You just gave birth to a healthy baby boy!" she said. When the new parents saw their son for the first time they were in tears of joy. Xibalba was crying the most knowing that his legacy will go on. When they got a closer look at their son they notice that he looks a lot like his father except his hair was black as the night sky. When he open his eyes, his parents was at awe."Balby look. He has my eyes." La Muerte cooed."Sure does mi amor.' Xibalba plant a kiss on his sons forehead and then planted one on his wife's beautiful lips. While the new parents were head over heels over their new addition unknown that something dark and evil is happening in the Land of the Living. In a cave not so far from San Angel a tall figure man with metal for arms and has four golden teeth is plotting a plan to get the Medal of Everlasting Life once more."Chakal we found it! We found Infinity Sword!" said one of his henchmen. Chakal stood up and ran towards him."Where is it? Where's the sword?" he barked. "Here my lord! Here's the sword!" the henchman give the sword to Chakal. The Infinity Sword is magic sword that is known to kill Gods and any immortal being."Finally the Infinity Sword is mine at last! Now I can get the Medal of Everlasting Life once more!" Chakal laughed evilly and so does his men.

Back at the Land of the Remembered Xibalba and La Muerte were thinking of a name to call their little miracle."Have you thought of any names yet my love?"La Muerte asked."How about Kaili?" Xibalba ask his wife. La Muerte looked down at her son and smiled because that name means deity or God. "Kaili is a perfect name." she planted a smile kiss on her sons chubby little cheek. While the family was about to head towards La Muerte castle the Candle Maker ran into them."Guys I have some bad news man. Very, very bad news!" the Candle Maker said in his booming voice,"Whats wrong Candle?" Xibalba questioned."Do you guys remember Chakal the bandit king? Well in the Book of Life says he's still alive and has the Infinity Sword and will soon be looking for the medal." said the wax God. La Muerte gasped and started crying."What should we do about Kaili? Its not safe for him here." she sobbed. Xibalba looked in his wife eyes, heartbroken that he had to say this."We have to hide him in the mortal realm until we know is safe to bring him back home." his eyes become glossy and started to cry his own tears."But where?" La Muerte questioned. Xibalba thought about it and had an idea."We can asked the Sanchez family to take him in for awhile" La Muerte thought about it and agreed. Before doing so they had to turn their baby human so he will blend in. The next day the family went to the Land of the Living in their disguises and handed towards the Sanchez house hold. Xibalba knocked on the door. Manolo answered." Can I help you two?" he asked."Manolo is us La Muerte and Xibalba." La Muerte responded. Manolo surprised and let the two Gods in."Whats going on?" Maria asked."I want you two do us a favor." Xibalba looked at them desperately." What kind of favor?"Manolo looked at them with a confused looked."We need you two looked over our son Kaili for awhile." Xibalba answered. "What for?" Maria asked. They explained everything to them and after they we're finish the Sanchez's we're at awed."So what do you say?" La Muerte looked at them hoping they will say yes."Will happy to take him in." Maria said happily." Thank you so much! We owe you for this!'" La Muerte said in relief. "No need we are glad to help." Manolo said to her. Before they left they said their good byes to their beloved baby. "Good bye mijo." Xibalba rubbed his sons head. "By mi bebe." she kissed him on the cheek. And they finally left their son with his new family hoping seeing him again.

M.U Humans: Ashley Lake by lolgrace14
M.U Humans: Ashley Lake
Age: 20

Occupation: College Junior

Sex: Female

Background: Ash is the oldest of the Night Demons. She is the scarest one on the team. And she is the first cousin of Amanda Knight
M.U Humans: Jackie Growl by lolgrace14
M.U Humans: Jackie Growl
Sex: Female

Age: 18

Occupation: College Student

Background: Jackie is the member of the sorority called the night demons. She the smartest in the team slash scare coach. But can be over baring and sometimes go to the extreme.
You banish me from the heavenly sky.
Left me there willing to die.

My wings are broken and soakin with blood. 
Knowing I wouldn't have Gods heavenly love.

Now I'm on earth all alone.
Knowing that I'll never coming back home.

A fallen angel that made a mistake.
Wishing to take back but it was too late.


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Monica Brianne Hill
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I love poetry and I love to write poetry as well. But I'm going to be working with computers either games design or digital art.

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